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Laundromat Point Cook SOHO Village

Blue Hippo Laundry Point Cook Soho

Blue Hippo Laundry Point Cook SOHO

Still looking for the best laundromat in your neighbourhood? Blue Hippo Laundry Point Cook – SOHO is now open to serve you. Our awesome location along Adelphi Blvd has everything you need and so much more.

Blue Hippo Laundry Point Cook – SOHO is open from Monday to Sunday between 6:00 am to midnight. Visit us during these hours even on Public Holidays as we will be open and more than happy to serve you!

Your safety is truly important and this is why the facilities are sanitised regularly. There are strict safety protocols in place and must be followed by the staff as well as our patrons. This is the best way we can guarantee that everyone can do their laundry safely.

The available services at Blue Hippo Laundry Point Cook – SOHO are as follows:

  • Extra-large 27 kgs washing machines
  • Blue Hippo Loyalty card
  • Coin change machine
  • Washing power dispenser
  • Doona wash and dry
  • Commercial wash
  • A variety of payment options
  • After-hours access

If you have a small business, you could try the commercial wash, dry and fold service. It is open for small businesses within a 5km radius of the laundromat. It’s a great option for businesses like Airbnb operators, cleaners, hairdressers, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, and cafes.

You’ll find a wide variety of US Dexter brand washing machines and dryers in the laundromat. The extra-large 27kg washers are perfect for huge loads or about 5 baskets of laundry.

There are also stainless steel benches available for washing, drying, and folding onsite.

Take advantage of the coin-changing machines or use cash, credit card and Apple/Android Pay for your payment methods. Get big discounts with the Blue Hippo Loyalty card. You can avail of up to 20% off on your washing and drying!

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