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Laundromat Altona Meadows

Blue Hippo Laundry in Altona Meadows

Blue Hippo Laundry Altona Meadows

Blue Hippo Altona Meadows is open from 6am until midnight, every day of the week (including Public Holidays) and is conveniently located within the Central Square Shopping Centre. The laundromat is well serviced with a wide variety of US Dexter branded washing machines and dryers!

Our facilities are regularly sanitised and exceptionally clean. Our machines are well maintained and serviced on a regular basis. There is ample seating provided for your convenience, as well as dedicated stainless steel benches so you can wash, dry and fold onsite.

A commercial wash, dry and fold service is available for our small to large businesses operating locally within a 5km radius of this outlet; including Airbnb operators, hairdressers, kindergartens, schools, cleaners, cafes and restaurants.

Payment options include cash, coin, credit card, Apple/Android pay and our exclusive Blue Hippo Laundry loyalty card. By using a Blue Hippo Laundry Loyalty card, you can save up to 20% off your washing and drying. Please contact our team for more info.

This laundromat also offers access to a vending machine that dispenses washing power and a coin (change) machine.

Services available at this outlet include:

  • Extra-large 40 kgs washing machines
  • Blue Hippo Loyalty card
  • Coin change machine
  • Washing power dispenser
  • Doona wash and dry
  • Commercial wash
  • A variety of payment options
  • After-hours access
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